How to use Domino Music on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram

Domino Recording Co Ltd have provisions in place to allow genuine users to automatically generate content including their music. This is because the content is being monetised. 

If you would like the music to not automatically monetise in this way and are opting out of YouTube music monetisation you will to seek approval for the use of music please request a synchronisation license request by completing this form.   


If you believe you already have a synchron...

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When to contact Domino to license music.

Domino Music for Film + TV team have experience in film production since 1993 and keen to help you throughout your production. We are also here to protect and serve our music creators. Working together we can make some inspiring soundtracks that sustain in the minds of film and TV audiences. We’ve put some advice here as to when is a good time to get in touch with Domino so we can help to sort out your music needs.


The start of a Production varies but generally will begin with d...

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How to license music from Domino

A license for commercial music requires the permission of both the owner of the music publishing copyright (Composition and Writer) and the owner of the sound recording copyright (Master Recording and Artist). Each copyright may be controlled by the same party or multiple parties. Copyright owners may vary for each individual song recorded by an artist. When we receive your request, the Domino Music for Film + TV team will confirm with you which of these copyrights it controls and the percent...

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Welcome to 2021 – This year Domino bring music and wellness by creating motivating and healing playlists. 

We have been keen to give you the opportunity to use music and the senses to ground yourselves during these anxious times. Have we lost our minds? Probably multiple times lately. When you lose your mind, sensory grounding is a fantastic way of reconnecting you to your environment. Music can help with that.

BODY AND MIND There’s been lots of healthy chatting time in lockdown an...
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