Image: mollydrake

Molly Drake was an English poet and musician, best-known as the mother of the musician, Nick Drake. Molly Drake never released any official publications of her poetry or compositions in her lifetime, but she had a profound impact on the musical style of her son. As Nick Drake's music gained a larger following after his death, Molly Drake's recordings have been released, which uncover the musical similarities between her and her son. Molly was born in 1915 and died in 1993.

Nick Drake's increasing cult following led to further interest in his mother. In 2013, an album entitled, "Molly Drake", was released with the intent of focusing solely on the work of Molly Drake. The 19 songs were recorded on a rudimentary setup in the 1950s in seclusion at her home. It features Drake's soft vocals accompanied by piano on tracks that mainly last two minutes. The tracks are poetic and heavy-hearted, similar to her son's musical style. The album was first released by Bryter Music (licensed to Squirrel Thing for the USA) is now long deleted with a new edition set to appear in early 2017. Joe Boyd has stated that this compilation is the missing link in the Nick Drake story.