Although originally hailing from different parts of the UK, Lovvers formed whilst all four members were living in Nottingham in 2006. They are a strange mix of music’s forgotten / blank generation, re-calling the spirit of Darby Crashes' Germs, the weirdness of Flipper, Wipers-style pop and the carefree attitude of The Replacements.

Having released four noisy seven-inch singles (three on the Jonson Family record label and one a 4 way band split release on OIB records) the band signed to Wichita Recordings in 2008 and released the "Think" EP that same year. In 2008 they also shared tours and stages with many bands they love, including Butthole Surfers, No Age, Times New Viking, Jay Reatard, Awesome Color, Mika Miko, Fucked Up, Black Lips, Brutal Knights, Los Campesinos! and Boss Hog.

Well since then, en route from rocking The Smell in LA, touring with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and playing god knows how many shows at SXSW, Lovvers set about making a record that in their own words is “an unconventional weird pop record”. Comparisons to Mark Sultan and Clorox Girls are clear but it kicks off with something that almost resembles The Clash. This isn’t "Overpowered By Funk" but more "Career Opportunities" then next we get the Ramones meets Minutemen then 13th Floor Elevators.

Whilst this is budget rock, this time around the budget was actually pretty good so they relocated to Jackpot! Studios (owned by Larry Crane, editor of Tape Op Magazine) in the musical Mecca of Portland, Oregon. With Pat Kearns (Red Dons, Clorox Girls, Exploding Hearts) manning the desk they set about making a record that you're definitely going to want to keep spinning for some time from now.

The album is new-meets-old but by the end it’s fuzzed out Woodstock. This is vintage stuff; a completely analogue recording. New instruments have been embraced but when was the last time an independent English band made an interesting, raw, guitar record?